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iPhone Lock Screen App

Many people make complaint that touch screen of iPhone gets touch sense even if it is in pocket and thus menu or some application starts without the user’s consent. iPhone do provide the facility to lock the touch screen for its protection as well as for keeping any random software opening. But many users may try and seek a new software for locking iPhone’s screen which allows them not only to lock the screen but it may also allow them to protect it with a password, so no one can use it without user’s will.

Many iPhone lock screen apps can be found on internet, not all of them are free. But as they say, nothing comes for free; many application which are available freely, do not have all the top features which paid app might provide.Now we will take a pic at such paid or free iPhone lock screen apps.

Lock Screen for iPhone App First Version

The first and foremost app that we will be looking at is “Lock Screen for iPhone” by none other than Apple itself. The application is loaded with some stunningly beautiful images which are shown when the screen gets locked. The first version provides all the basic features that any other lock screen app might provide.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Lock Screen for iPhone App Second Version

In second version of this software, it provides some additional features such as “If Found” text, weather forecast, calendar event listingand native iOS style on iPhone without jail breaking it. The first version of this lock screen iPhone app will cost a user around $0.99whereas second version of this application will cost $4.00 regularly and currently $1.99 as it is being sold in special sale by Apple.

Just now we have seen lock screen app for iPhone from Apple; although it is a great app and is developed by Apple, users who don’t want to pay for such apps can download any third party lock screen application for iPhone.


Many users find Apple own home screen boring, for them the new upcoming app called smartphone will be a dish. The app provides facility to lock iPhone’s screen, but that is only a tip of the iceberg. You can modify your screen at your will using this app. This app provides you 8 home screens, all of which can be modified at user’s will. Although one needs to jail break its iPhone if one is to install this app, but it is worth doing that.

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